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Who's that girl?

(la la la la la la, la la la la la)

Got it? If not, click here. If you did, click here*.

*The tiger in the video belongs   into the wild. Shame on you, Eve.


I love animals. Baboons for example, they are great. But also all the others. My big dream: my very own farm sanctuary. And yes, I am a vegetarian.

​Credit: Pixabay @blende12


Believe it or not, I do have a degree: MA Conference Interpreting and Translation. I have worked in both professions. Good stories…

​Credit: Unsplash @skmuse_


I am a writer and copywriter. And since I love animals and our environment, I preferably work with people and companies

 who share that passion.

​Credit: Unsplash @jessbaileydesigns


I love travelling. Who doesn't? Preferably with no plan. On the list? Alaska, Canada, Norway... a lot up North. I am from the South though, the South of Bavaria. Yes, next to the Alps.

​Credit: Unsplash @iusher


Born 1987, boy and girl band phase in the 90s and till this day I own a dress from that era. It still fits, although I am 36 now (thanks elastane).

​Credit: Unsplash @dimhou

Cats are better than humans. We know it, they certainly know it. These are mine: Coco Chanel and Henry VIII. And they are even better than all the others.

​Credit: me and my crappy camera

I am crazy about figure skating and have even started to learn it myself. When competitions are on, I am glued to the TV. Don't worry, you will get an OOO.

​Credit: Unsplash @kelli_mcclintock

I have run the Marvel Avengers Marathon twice. So far. I will surely do it again. But I also like other movies... Quentin, Woody, Wes, Matthew – you name them.

​Credit: Unsplash @azmathulla

What do I have for you?

Copywriting – Transcreation – Writing

My brain is your candy store.


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Wanna know what I think?

Here you go. 

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