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We witness them every day on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp & Co: CHALLENGES. From children's pics to drinking, from holiday memories to planking. And honestly, it is getting annoying. Is there anyone out there who is really still interested in who gets nonimated by whom, who went on holiday where three years ago or how many rows of toilet paper the cat can conquer? Well, the cats are great, because they're cats. And are challenge debts like the BBQ or the three crates of beer ever settled? We don't know, because the grande finale isn't shared with us, the public, anymore.

Admit it: you thought exactly this when you got nominated for a challenge, right?

I was wondering: how did this whole challenge business actually start? Probably with the Ice Bucket Challenge and that trended – you have to be very strong now – six years ago. 2014 Obama was still president, Germany won the FIFA World Cup (yaaaaas bitches) and "12 Years a Slave" was awarded the Oscar for Best Picture. Yes, for six years we have been challenged to take part in "unbelievably funny" activities. The Ice Bucket Challenge at least focused on a good cause with raising awareness and collecting donations for ALS organisations; even if you only poured a bucket of ice over your head. Since then, however, things have escalated slightly to say the least. And even if challenge despisers might have got a little break in the last years, it ended with Corona quarantine. Is it craving for attention or simply pure boredom that drag many towards this dark side of the social media world? And what's next?

A few weeks ago the Corona challenge emerged. (Wannabe) Influencers from all over the world filmed themselves licking subway grabpoles, escalators or even plane toilets. Not only is this extremely disgusting but also stupid and dangerous since thousands of people follow these "influencers" and imitate them. However, this very special kind of ignorance took revenge on them quite quickly: one influencer from New York got tested positive and others have been prosecuted for e. g. assault.

Apparently fun is supposed to be in the centre of these challenges, but quantity has outstripped quality. I am tired of all of them and hope that this trend will come to an end rather sooner than later. Like chain letters – thank god that was over at some point. Almost, because if you do not share this article with at least ten of your friends, you will experience … nada! Apart from the fact that your friends will not be able to enjoy this journalistic masterpiece*.

*The author has a tendency to sarcasm.

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