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5 arguments for your next "it-is-all-for-nothing"-discussion

No matter if you are a vegan or part-time vegetarian, a DIY pro in training or a hardcore waste separator – surely you have heard statements questioning the deeper meaning of your chosen lifestyle, to put it carefully. We could now throw a series of study results at them, but after the two little words “studies show” many people go deaf. Like when Ross from Friends talks about his dinosaurs. And since we can only think of the really good arguments after a discussion (murphy’s law or what?), I have created a little guide with answers for you, which might open your discussion partners’ eyes and maybe even drag them to our bright sight of the Force.

1. You will not save the world by yourself.

Said half of humanity. Have you ever seen “Finding Nemo”? When all the fish get into the net at the end of the movie and try to escape, teeny tiny Nemo jumps into the net and motivates all of them to swim down. The pole breaks, the fish are free. There: one little clownfish (you) can make a difference. Disney or not.

2. As long as politicians don’t do anything, the little things you do will not change anything either.

Of course politicians need to do more! At the beginning of the year the German government introduced a law that every receipt in supermarkets, cafés, restaurants etc. HAS TO be printed. I think we can definitely call this the biggest fail ever. When it comes to environmental protection that is. To make them see that things need to change, we need to lead by example and show them that we are ready. No matter if with Fridays for Future protests, the boycott of cheap meat or social media posts.

3. The plane will also take off without you.

"Then you might as well sit in it." Okay, let’s go back to our first class of economics where we learned the principle of demand and supply. Less demand, less supply. Tadaa. No further argumentation needed.

4. We are the stronger ones by nature.

True, we probably have the most well-developed intellect. We know for example under which circumstances 500 g minced meat for 1,99€ are produced. We also know what will happen if no one buys it anymore. We can understand the effects of our actions and we should make use of this extraordinary talent. And just btw, a leopard could easily kill us. Or a lion. Or a baboon. Or a snake. Or… the list is long. Karma, that’s all I am saying.

5. It’s too late now anyway.

We must not bury our sand in the head. These were the wise words of Matthäus, the football player (I would love to say that he is pretty, but well…). Even if this now might sound like a motivational quote from a calendar on someone’s toilet: “Giving up has never brought anyone anywhere.” And even if it is too late, we can at least limit the damage. Let’s just think of our children.

Okay, I hope this little guide will support you during your next why-all-of-this-effort-discussion and maybe even have a positive effect on your discussion partner. And always remember: no one wants to be lectured. Pointing out the others' mistakes usually doesn’t have any effect. Education is key. And enthusiasm, because it is contagious as we all know. May the Force be with you!

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